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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Clean & Clear Canvas

The SKIN is the   l   a   r   g   e   s   t    organ in our body.
Our facial skin is the first thing that greets us in the mirror when we wake up in the morning.
Unmade up, it tells your uncut, uncensored story of the day before -
1. clogged pores & pimples... STRESS!! You've had a rough week at school or work.
2. whiteheads... constipation troubling you? You're probably not getting enough fibre.
3. sallowness & dullness... too many marathon meetings in sub-zero office buildings.
4. dewy radiance... fabulous date(s) with your beloved.
5. blotchiness... you've had too much to drink.
6. lines of dehydration... naughty, naughty! You haven't drunk enough - water - i.e.!

With high-tech gadgets and apps, it's all too easy to filter what we don't like seeing in the mirror.
A tap here, a touch there, and voila! all our skincare woes are magically  g o n e  with the wind.

Don't misunderstand me - I think they're great.
But Grandma - my maternal grandma - taught me to appreciate what God has blessed me with, and make the most of it too.
And she has always advocated skincare over cosmetics, natural over digital enhancement.

So...STAY WITH ME. I'm not a skincare guru or dermatologist.
But I hope to share what I've gathered with you, and may you and I both emerge with more beautiful skin afterwards - empowered by knowledge, emancipated by confidence.
Repeat after me, God bless my skin!

Happy New Year Happy New Skin