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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sleeping Beauty 做个水水睡美人

Let your bbf (beauty best friends) go the extra mile while you are role-playing Sleeping Beauty 

I'm guilty!!! I must be one of the most sleep-deprived girls in Johor Bahru as well as Singapore. I wear little or no makeup, so it is obvious just by looking at the big dark circles around my big(ger) eyes. <Thank God it isn't the other way round. >

Dark circles, however, are not only due to lack of sleep. There's a whole host of other reasons which we'll talk about another day.


早上护肤后没上粉底的哔哔肌 (看到黑眼圈啦)
Petal fresh baby skin after my morning skincare 
with no makeup (oh... my dark circles) 

You know how we multitask to manage so many things simultaneously? It's the same when we retire to bed. While we sleep, our body is at rest and our skin cells are in repair mode. Thus that's the time when the creams and potions we apply do their job. But what exactly should we apply? 

While I have a lot of respect for Japanese skincare products, I don't subscribe to the approach 'the more, the merrier'. As with vitamin supplements that we ingest, if skincare products are not absorbed into the skin, or if that particular product isn't helpful for your skin, you're merely wasting time and money, and worst of all, burdening your skin with an extra layer of something. 

A word of caution too: when adding new skincare products to your regimen, do so one at a time, lest there is a reaction and you are not sure what you are reacting to. 

Many people have asked me what's my secret to beautiful skin. Pared down to the basics, my skincare regimen consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Some nights I add on a brightening serum to counter the effects of the sun in our climate, since I'm prone to turning pink and freckled after sun exposure, while other nights I use an all-in-one sleeping mask. But I never proceed further than 4 steps at one go, unless it is before applying a sheet mask. 

A porcelain-pretty complexion can be yours too
even if you are not a Japanese

There are more moisturizers than any other skincare product. Perhaps you're unaware that many are simply clones of one another, albeit dressed up differently. But with so much advancement in skincare know-how, thankfully, we can reap so many benefits from our moisturizers now. 

Today let me share with you some excellent moisture-retaining Japanese products:

睡美人的幕后英雄 My bbf (beauty best friends) 

1. Miccosmo White Label Premium Placenta Cleansing Gel   美白胎盘素洁肤胶

Hmm, this reminds me of baby products. It is colourless, fragrance-free and paraben -free. Being non-oily and fragrance-free too, the Japanese even use it while in the bathtub. I'm amazed by the texture - something so soft and comforting, like jelly, yet cleans thoroughly. It is labelled as a cleansing gel, but once dissolved, feels more like a lotion on the skin. It doesn't give you the squeaky clean sensation that many foam cleansers yield. It works so stealthily that you might even wonder if your skin is clean enough! If your skin is more delicate and prone to dryness like mine, you'll  love this!

This softens and brightens your skin as it contains placenta extract and sodium hyaluronate. If you wear light makeup, it doubles up as a makeup remover too. Take a suitable amount and blend into your face with your fingertips, using light spiral movements. You can use it over lipstick and mascara too. Then splash several times to rinse off. Beautiful baby skin is yours! 

Miccosmo White Label Premium
Placenta Cleansing Gel   美白胎盘素洁肤胶

2. Minon Amino Moist Moist Charge Lotion I 
The selling point of this product is its high glycerin content. Glycerin is useful for more skin conditions than we think, ranging from dry skin to blackheads to scars, plus it is non-toxic. This is a lotion which you apply after cleansing your face and neck. It comes in a pump dispenser. After washing your face, gently dry it. The recommendation is to pump 3-5 times. For me, I find that just 1 pump for the face and 1 more for the neck and upper shoulders is quite sufficient. Then gently massage it into your skin in circular motions. 

It might feel a tad sticky at first. But the stickiness soon dissipates when the product has been totally absorbed. What's left behind is velvety smooth skin that you'll ooh and ahh over...

Minon Amino Moist Moist Charge Lotion I

3. D Splash La Bella Carbonated Treatment 
This is number ONE in Cosme.
It is a booster, a product designed to prep your skin so as to enhance the absorption and efficacy of other products. Use it continuously for 7-10 days and you'll be amazed by the texture of your skin. You'll find that other skincare products work better, your makeup glides on better, and your skin looks better naked too. Honestly! 

So what's inside this skin-transforming potion? Basically, it contains carbonic acid which has molecules that are tiny enough to penetrate into the skin in about 5 minutes. After absorbing carbonic acid, the skin is prepped to absorb nutrition more readily. 

It also contains essential beauty ingredients - fish placenta, collagen and sodium hyaluronate - the building blocks of moisturised, bright, balanced and bouncy skin. Armed with these ingredients, it tackles skincare woes like dullness, dehydration, sagginess, acne and darkened pores. 

After cleansing your face, pat it dry. Shake the can gently. Squirt out a small amount on your palm. Press your palms together. You will feel a bubbling sensation. So fun!!  Next, press your palms onto your face and let the product sink into the skin. 

Voila!  Be pleasantly surprised that the product is almost undetectable in under 2 minutes. Glide your fingers over your face. Peer into the mirror and see that unmistakable glow in your cheeks. Lurrve it!!! 

My personal recommendation is to use this product once a day, at night, and if you're new to the product, use it alone at night as the last step, for a whole week to see the difference. See it to believe it. After 7 days, you can add on your moisturizer or whitening serum afterwards. 

Rosy pink cheeks and baby soft skin after D Splash 双颊变得粉粉红红水水嫩嫩

10 minutes later: rose petal soft luminous baby skin 十分钟后见证柔嫩如玫瑰花瓣晶莹剔透的哔哔肌

⚠ WARNING 注意喔!
You will likely feel a painful sensation with the bubbles "popping"  the first few times you use it. That's our skin responding to the carbonic acid. If your skin is more sensitive and delicate, you will see it flushing immediately. 

As you can see from the barefaced untouched photos here, my cheeks turn rosy pink after applying the product. It was very painful for me to use it the first 5 days. But I persisted. And now it doesn't sting anymore and I'm delighted to say that it has made my complexion touchably and visibly smoother and softer. Baby skin, indeed! 


Be a beautiful bedtime baby 做个漂亮宝贝  晚安安