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Monday, February 1, 2016

about me

Hi, my name is Jewel Shalom, born and bred in cosmopolitan Singapore, but based mainly in Johor Bahru, Malaysia now.🐝As one of the three founding hosts of Eco Bed & Breakfast, I've several hats 🎩 to wear. Thus this blog is my personal documentation of my highs and lows, my discoveries, my loves and peeves while bee-sy 🐝 multi-tasking.

I'm so EXCITED, coz I've so much to share... And I'm delighted that YOU are here with me!One of my fav hobbies is star-gazing. I often imagine if we were all twinkle twinkle little stars - how brilliantly bright we would s h i n e and light up the entire night sky!

And you know what? We can shine and light up the path for everybody else. As George Eliot reminds us,'What do we live for? If it is not to make life less difficult for each other? '

Life is challenging enough, why not care enough to share - information and experiences - so that it is less stressful making the little everyday decisions? So... c'mon inside to my world...

We can talk about enhancing our beauty, beauty of the face, body & hair, which is more than skin deep, definitely. We can discuss how to build breathable, livable, everyday spaces. We can exchange culinary tips that we'll be proud to put on the table. We can also share helpful nuggets of advice on caring for cats and dogs. The possibilities are endless!!!

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